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The Slow Cooker: Your Ally for Busy Evenings

August 31, 2021

Between getting back to work and all our activities and appointments, our busy lives are sometimes an obstacle to our willingness to eat well. Versatile, accessible and easy to use, the slow cooker really comes in handy when it comes to eating healthy… and quickly!


The sensational slow cooker!

After a long day at work, you don't necessarily have time (or the motivation!) to spend hours cooking. Since you can prepare all the ingredients for a recipe the day before and program it in the morning for a ready-to-serve meal when you get home, the slow cooker is definitely the ally you need!

  • Worry-free safety. The slow cooker requires no supervision. It takes care of all the cooking while allowing you to stay busy with your other occupations.
  • Unparalleled tenderness. Slow cooking at low temperature is perfect for tenderizing the toughest cuts of meat such as blade roasts or cubes.
  • Unsuspected savings. Whether it’s because it consumes up to 80% less energy than a conventional oven, because it can cook more budget-friendly cuts or because it allows you to cook provisions, using a slow cooker can add up to significant savings!


Perfect for cooking Quebec Veal just right

Since it’s based on slow cooking at low temperatures, the slow cooker is ideal for cooking tasty braised meats, comforting stews and melt-in-your-mouth roasts. It’s also perfect to cook up some delicious meatballs in sauce and even a traditional osso buco without the headaches! Needless to say, the slow cooker is just amazing for cooking succulent Quebec Veal recipes, provided you know how to use it, of course! Here are some smart tips on how to use it well:

  • Preheat your cooker by pouring boiling water in it about 20 minutes before cooking.
  • Prepare the meat by removing the fat to prevent it from overcooking.
  • Cut vegetables at the same size to ensure even cooking.
  • Brown the meat in a pan so it preserves its juices during cooking.
  • Leave the cover in place to conserve heat and avoid having to prolong cooking time.
  • Add spices only at the end of cooking so they retain their full aromas.


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