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Three great reasons to choose Quebec Veal!

Tender and tasty, Quebec Veal can be cooked in a thousand and one ways. It’s produced by Quebec farmers committed to providing you with the highest quality standards. And you can serve it to say “I love you” or to simply add some smiles to a weeknight meal.



Veau de lait

Milk-fed calves are fed with specially formulated reconstituted milk to ensure their development. It is this carefully prepared diet that gives milk-fed veal its tenderness and pink color.

Veau de lait

Grain-fed calves are raised in two phases. At first, they are fed on reconstituted milk, then mainly fed with grain. It’s this diet that gives tasty grain-fed veal its dark pink color.

Cook with Quebec Veal

Cuts and bakes

Roasts, cutlets, chops, cubes, osso buco... Did you know there are more than 20 different cuts of Quebec veal? From classic restaurant recipes to quick dishes for a Monday night, there’s a cut to fit your menu and budget!

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Quebec Veal is fine, three times rather than once!

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