Blogue Le Veau Du Quebec Fierte 100 Pourcent Locale

Quebec Veal: Proudly 100% Local

July 6, 2020

Whether encouraging local farmers, buying local products, or shopping at one of the many public markets close to home, Quebecers are getting behind the shop local movement. It’s more than a trend! Choosing made-in-Quebec products is a way of life that benefits not just consumers, but society as a whole.

There’s no denying that local food tastes fresher. Why is that? When you buy meat that’s been produced locally, the distance between the farm and your table is much shorter. Shorter travel times help preserve nutrients, and that’s what makes every mouthful taste fresh, just the way nature intended.

It really does matter where your meat comes from! Did you know that for almost 20 years, Quebec has had a complete end-to-end traceability mechanism for cattle? The system monitors animal health from farm to abattoir, quickly identifies sources of contamination, and keeps both consumers and animals safe and healthy.

But the know-how and expertise of our producers are what make Quebec Veal so special. Veal farmers all over the province share a passion for what they do, and many of them pass their enthusiasm down through the generations, building strong family businesses. They’re proud of the exceptional meat they produce and care deeply about quality. So they’re meticulous about how they raise their animals. They apply stringent quality and calf well-being standards under a certification program recognized by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. The calves get the royal treatment! Careful animal nutrition is the secret to tender, pink, flavourful meat.

The passion, pride, and determination of our veal farmers is plain to see right there on the plate. When you choose Quebec Veal, you know you’re getting meat with superior flavour, produced by skilled farmers harnessing all the goodness of the land. That’s good reason to celebrate homegrown quality!