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Good Reasons to Eat Veal

August 17, 2000

A detailed study on the nutritional value of veal revealed that there are numerous good reasons to choose Quebec Veal.


Its low fat content

Consumers are increasing aware of the role of food in maintaining good health. They demand food that is healthy and nutritious, but also tasty and accessible. With less than 7.5% of fat per portion, Quebec Grain-Fed Veal can be described as extra lean.


Its vitamins and minerals content

Quebec Veal contains many essential nutrients, including:

  • An excellent source of vitamin B12, essential element for the formation of red blood cells;
  • An excellent source of zinc, which plays a role in the formation of tissues and ensures that the immune system works well;
  • A good source of iron, a mineral recognized for its role in the formation of red blood cells;
  • A source of magnesium, an essential mineral in the formation of tissues and the development of bones;
  • A good source of vitamin B6, an element that plays a role in the transformation of carbohydrates and that supplies oxygen to all our body cells.

In short, it is an excellent nutritional choice!

Source: Study made by the Fédération des producteurs de bovins du Québec and the Ontario Veal Association, 1999-2000